Our Portfolio

Established in New York City in 1980 as a fashion manufacturing and designing company, Jonas fashionss® has become in the last few years a leading company, adding a line of hand painted ladies and children garments with hundreds of designs which are available worldwide.

In 1990 Jonas fashionss® opened a new division specializing in fashion accessories named Art Wear by Jonas®. In 1992 Art Wear by Jonas® has introduced a line that merged the accessories firm's two top classifications - belts and button covers. The item, dubbed Mul-T-Belt, offers a belt adorned with metal posts that can be worn as is or decorated with Art Wear's button covers attached to the posts. The company had a total sales volume of $1 million in 1991, and has grown steadily ever since.

Today, Jonas fashionss® is a fashion leading company with pursuit of newness and speeded up fashion cycles. The Jonas fashionss® designing team, led by designer Jonas (Yoni) schaked, brings you fashion designs with applied art dedicated to clothing and lifestyle.

The Jonas fashionss® statement

At Jonas fashionss®, we believe in creating fashion trends, not following them. We have been creating beautiful and unusual fashion and fashion accessories since 1980.

The Jonas fashionss logo is a registered trademark of Jonas fashions Inc.

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